Construction Phase Services

For the Project Construction phase Wood Thilsted offer a suite of engineering services to ensure a successful project execution. Our experienced team of engineers has efficient tools and broad experience to support the project during fabrication, transportation and installation.


Fabrication inspection

Wood Thilsted offers quality assurance at the fabrication yard by our team of fabrication and welding experts so that the offshore structures meets that quality and standards required.

Transport & installation

Wood Thilsted offer responsive analysis of offshore structures during transportation, local and global stress analysis and long transit fatigue checks.

Cable burial performance & risk assessment

Wood Thilsted provide cable burial performance/risk assessment for array and export cables, assuring that all risks related to cable burial are carefully handled prior to construction in order to minimise obstructions while ensuring that appropriate installation tools are applied.

Pile Installation assessment

With efficient pile driving simulations software and knowledge from numerous back-calculations , Wood Thilsted has extensive experience in simulating the driving process using calibrated state-of-the-art methods and realistic driving sequences.

Driving fatigue assessment

With our integrated pile driving simulation and steel design software we can assess driving induced fatigue damage on basis of predictive methods or as-built driving sequences after or during construction.

Dynamic pile load testing

Wood Thilsted has efficient signal matching software that uses acceleration and strain data measured during hammer impact to assess the axial bearing capacity of a pile at end of driving.

Jack-up leg penetration

Wood Thilsted provides services for performing leg penetration analysis and foundation assessments for SSAs for entire wind farms.