Exploration Phase Services

Project Exploration is the phase where initial engineering works is performed. The boundary conditions (e.g. wind, wave, geology, etc.) of the project site are investigated and critically reviewed.  This identifies risks and hazards that may be potential threats to the project. Wood Thilsted has wide experience in evaluating, planning and undertaking high-quality engineering assessments.


Project bid support

Through our industry-leading engineering Wood Thilsted have a long record of providing bid stage designs which have resulted in successful projects for our clients.

Project development strategies

Wood Thilsted provide rapid and actionable insight to clients making key project-wide development decisions for concepts, layout, survey and programme strategies.

Technical feasibility

Wood Thilsted assess the technical feasibility of utilising potential offshore sites for wind farm developments such as turbine selection foundation concepts screening and cable routing.

Due diligence

Wood Thilsted offers specialist technical due diligence, supporting the decision-making process related to acquisitions and financing of offshore renewable assets.

Desk studies

To develop early stage understanding of the boundary conditions Wood Thilsted use in-house knowledge and open source data to perform desk studies, assessing the: site conditions, geological settings, feasible foundation concepts, cable route options, etc.

Seismic assessment

Preliminary assessment of expected seismic hazards, bedrock level, vicinity of fault lines and their potential effects on foundation designs.

Environment impact assessments

Through local insight and experience combined with leading-edge engineering solutions allows Wood Thilsted to provide detailed engineering input to Environment Impact Assessment.

3D ground modelling

Wood Thilsted has over the years implemented, refined and standardised the use of quantified uncertainties in attribute guided 3D geophysical-geological-geotechnical ground-models for offshore foundation designs as well as discriminant spatial boulder detection and interpretation.