Engineering Phase Services

Wood Thilsted deliver cost-effective foundation designs for offshore wind projects through our holistic approach to design – understanding all the inputs to the design and supply chain constraints results in efficient structural design and project cost savings. 

Many of the worlds largest offshore wind farms are currently being designed by Wood Thilsted.


Monopile foundations

Wood Thilsted are a leading designer of monopile foundation for offshore wind farms, annually delivering the detailed monopile design of 3 GW worldwide. Delivery of our monopile design is done by our highly competent team of engineers with extensive experience. We rely on a comprehensive and fully integrated in-house software package which allows us to efficiently deliver high-quality and cost-effective and certifiable monopile designs.

Jacket foundations

Wood Thilsted provides services for design of jackets structures for offshore wind projects, these can be three or four-legged jacket structures supported by piles or buckets. The exact configuration will depend on project specific boundary conditions. The optimization of jacket designs is made with emphasis on fabrication and installation constraints as this results is the most economic foundation. As for the monopile foundations the jacket designs are derived by means of in-house software package.

Floating foundations

The stability of floating foundations rely on three components (buoyancy, ballast and mooring), Wood Thilsted has experience in designing different floating foundation concepts benefitting from all three components.

Suction bucket design

Wood Thilsted provides services for suction caisson design from initial screenings to concept and detailed design.

Wave loads

Wood Thilsted provides services for modelling hydrodynamic effects using advanced nonlinear wave theory with the emphasis of evaluating the wave loading including effects of wave run-up.

Seismic loading

The seismic loads effecting the structures are calculated based on acceleration time series derived from a site response analysis. Wood Thilsted has developed a lean procedure for effectively applying the acceleration time series at different levels below the seafloor in order to evaluate the seismic loading for different operational conditions of the turbine.

Liquefaction analysis

Wood Thilsted has developed a state-of-the-art methodology for evaluating the potential of liquefaction and the amount of strength/stiffness reduction for deposits which do not liquefy. The methodology is based on a site response analysis and advanced cyclic laboratory soil testing methods.

Load iterations

Wood Thilsted has extensive experience with integrated load analysis together with all industrial leading turbine suppliers.

Cyclic soil degradation

Wood Thilsted has developed advanced methods and tools to accurately capture the effects of cyclic soil degradation in response to extreme load events. These are validated against pile load tests and certified.

Advanced structural engineering

Certain structural details and configurations are susceptible to further optimisation by means of advanced steel engineering design methods. Wood Thilsted provides services for engineering optimisation of complex structural details, eg. flanges and grouted connections.

Secondary steel design

Wood Thilsted provides services for designing the secondary steel for offshore structures.  The design of the secondary arrangements involves to a great extent health and safety aspects of accessing the structure while minimising its influence on the primary steel. Additionally, Wood Thilsted has developed lean procedures for accurately calculating SCF values based on dynamic analyses for seismic active regions.

Scour protection design

Wood Thilsted has in-house specialists to perform scour assessment and develop efficient and installable scour protection systems.

Corrosion protection design

Having an efficient and cost optimised corrosion protection strategy is crucial for offshore structures especially when these are predominantly fatigue driven. Wood Thilsted provides services for designing the corrosion protection system which includes coating specification, sacrificial anodes and impressed current cathodic protection.

Offshore Sub-stations

Wood Thilsted  provides a full suite of OSS substructure design services, including monopile, jacket, pin-pile, J-tube and cable deck design.

Cable installation tools assessment

Wood Thilsted offer services on installation tool selection based on site conditions to meet environmental and permitting requirements.

Jack-up leg penetration studies

Wood Thilsted provides services for performing leg penetration analysis and foundation assessments for SSAs for entire wind farms.

Low-voltage electrical design

Wood Thilsted  delivers LV electrical  design integrated with the other design elements.