Maturation Phase Services

Wood Thilsted has extensive experience in maturing offshore wind projects:  how to effectively identify and mitigate design liabilities and opportunities in order to reduce project risks and optimise foundations designs.


Geophysical surveys

Wood Thilsted specialise in planning optimised site investigation programmes, aiming to acquire pivotal data with the acceptable uncertainty and apply advanced processing and interpretation techniques to maximise the overall value of the investment.

Site conditions assessments

Wood Thilsted provides services for characterisation of meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) conditions to be used for integrated load and design analysis. A thorough evaluation of these conditions is vital in order to give optimal foundation designs.

Geotechnical surveys

Using a team with both client and contractor experience, Wood Thilsted provide scoping, tendering, onshore management and client representative services for tailormade geotechnical surveys.

UXO surveys & assessment

Wood Thilsted can provide UXO management solutions including tender processes, technical requirements and contract management. Wood Thilsted have established an automated and multi-disciplinary analysis approach which reduces the risk of false positive and negative objects and therefore the need for remediation.

Cost modeling

With advanced cost simulation combined with extensive experience from offshore wind projects Wood Thilsted use statistical models to undertake project cost predictions covering all project phases i.e. fabrications, transportation and installation. These simulations can be also integrated with the engineering analysis that Wood Thilsted also undertake to give a cost optimal design solution.

Harbor assessment

Wood Thilsted can undertake logistic assessments including harbour suitability considering storage, berthing, location, facilities, restrictions and jack up vessel suitability.

Seafloor morphology assessments

Wood Thilsted apply intelligent algorithms to conduct simultaneous multi-disciplinary mobile sediment analysis and long-term forecasts in order to evaluate and predict the seafloor morphology.

Geotechnical interpretive works

Wood Thilsted is experienced in scoping effective geotechnical laboratory campaigns and carrying out geotechnical interpretation, correlating in-situ and laboratory tests to develop accurate design parameters for foundation and cable design.

Seismic analysis

Wood Thilsted provide services in deriving dynamic soil properties based on advanced testing to be used for seismic analysis. Location specific site response analyses are undertaken to determine parameters for seismic design and soil liquefaction analysis.

Seafloor morphology assessment

Wood Thilsted apply intelligent algorithms to conduct simultaneous multi-disciplinary mobile sediment analysis and long-term forecasts in order to evaluate and predict the seafloor morphology.

Geotechnical laboratory testing

Our unique combination of laboratory test specification/interpretation and foundation design experience enables Wood Thilsted to specify, manage, and interpret laboratory testing programmes to derive optimised foundation design parameters.

Pile testing campaigns

Wood Thilsted is experienced in scoping, managing and evaluating pile testing campaigns to optimise and de-risk different engineering methodologies applied for foundation design derivation. A state-of-the-art pile testing campaign can lead to significant project savings.

Integrated aero-elastic load analysis

Wood Thilsted provides services for performing integrated load analysis and calculate representative design loads by aero-elastic simulations based on carefully calibrated generic turbines.

Export and Array Cable Engineering

Wood Thilsted is experienced in developing and maturing export cable routing from landfall selection through to site surveys, burial requirements and installation tool selection. Furthermore, we provide services specific to array cables, e.g. cable layout optimisation and space management for turbine and substation locations.

Dredging assessment

Wood Thilsted employ intelligent software allowing swift assessment of need for dredging dependent on installation tool and required burial depth.

Landfall assessment

Wood Thilsted offer assessment of landfall locations, e.g. establish options, hazards and limitations, e.g. horizontal directional drilling.

Cable burial risk assessment

Wood Thilsted provide cable
burial risk assessment for specification of burial depth and
re-evaluation of risks  e.g. upon change in vessel traffic intensity.