Operation Phase Services

During the operational lifetime of an offshore wind farms, Wood Thilsted use their engineering design expertise to support transactions, ensuring structural integrity as well as extending design lifetime and overall asset value.


Structural monitoring campaigns

We assist in scoping, procuring and installing structural monitoring systems which allows for real-time monitoring of structural performance.

Lifetime extensions

Using our industry-leading design tools we can reassess the structural integrity of existing assets and prove that sufficient structural capacity is available to allow for project lifetime extension.

Digital windfarm twins

Using our integrated design tools we establish digital twins that resemble to true as-built structure which we calibrate using monitoring data. These models allows for a detailed understanding of the current structural integrity in support of lifetime extensions of potentially mitigative measures needing to be put in place.

Post-construction surveys

WT provide advisory and service within post-installation scour, mobile sediment, UXO and anchor surveys including analysis, forecasting, remediation and time-laps models.

Due diligence

Wood Thilsted offers specialist technical due diligence, supporting the decision-making process related to acquisitions and financing of offshore renewable assets.