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On 3rd November 2015, exactly 5 years ago, WOOD THILSTED was established by Alastair Muir Wood and Christian LeBlanc Thilsted. They were following their dream to establish an international consultancy company to deliver world-class engineering services to the offshore wind industry. It has been quite a journey: Through continuous technical developments, organisational updates and office openings to keep pace with our global expansion and annual doubling of staff. All this, while winning contracts, delivering projects, and going the extra mile to support our clients.

Today, we are more than 85 world-class engineers, across Europe, Asia and USA, delivering offshore wind projects globally. Among our larger projects are the Akita Port project - the first large-scale offshore wind farm in Japan; the Vineyard Wind project - the first large-scale offshore wind farm in USA; and the world’s largest offshore wind farms in UK. In 2021 alone, we will deliver the detailed design for 3GW of offshore wind farms which will generate renewable electricity to approximately 4 million households.

WOOD THILSTED would never have made it this far without our talented and amazingly passionate employees who always go to great lengths to raise the bar and deliver the extraordinary; and also not without our clients who have put their trust in us, awarding us large contracts, allowing us to develop and grow. Lastly, behind Alastair and Christian, their families have been incredibly supportive, allowing them to work endless nights and weekends to make all of this happen.

We look to the future of continued growth - for WOOD THILSTED as well as the global offshore wind industry. Through excellent engineering, we will keep striving to optimise offshore wind farms with better and greener designs. To learn more about WOOD THILSTED, have a look at our new company brochure: Here

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