Leaders in global offshore engineering

Wood Thilsted is different from other engineering consultancies. We have brought together leading offshore engineers with structural, geotechnical, geophysical, survey management, energy and climate analytics experts - all in one organisation.
This, combined with our project delivery expertise, means you can get everything you need all 'under one roof'.

Advisory Services

Site Assessment, Ground Conditions and Advisory

Cross section map with overlayed analysis visualisation

Design Services

Monopile design

Monopile illustration

Jacket design

Jacket illustration

Floating design

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Primary Structures

WT's approach to primary structure design is second to none. Our industry leading approach to monopile design is equalled by our extensive expertise in jackets and our key role in developing floating foundations.

Secondary Structures

Innovation isn't just key to efficiency for foundations, it also drives cost savings and increased health and safety for secondary offshore structures.

Geotech Eng & Design

WT’s Geotechnical interpretation and state-of-the-art soil structure interaction techniques assures highly optimised foundation designs.

Project Delivery

Offshore wind projects are highly complex, which is why WT’s Project Delivery division brings together project directors with decades of experience to ensure the highest level of project governance and performance for our clients.


Our team of geophysical specialists form a market leading centre of technical excellence for the scoping, tendering, management and evaluation of all the geophysical surveys required for the development of your offshore wind farm.

Transport & Installation

Wood Thilsted's combination of integrated in-house expertise, combined with global and local experience, means no design is ever presented to a client that can't be effectively and efficiently installed.

Energy & Climate Analytics

The Energy and Climate Analytics department brings together wind and metocean expertise in a unique way. Our energy specialists come from world leading dedicated wind consultancies, for both onshore and offshore environments, and work hand in hand with our experts, from well-established metocean analysis outfits.

Survey Management

Every site is different and from the outset our team establishes a clear site development strategy that manages time and cost.


Our team of specialists is supporting over 8GW of project development from 12 offices across 4 continents. Contact us to find out more about how we are designing the global transition.

Our projects



Where initial engineering work is performed. The boundary conditions of the project site are investigated and critically reviewed, risks and hazards that may be potential threats to the project are identified.

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We reduce project risks by looking at site, soil, seismic data and more, optimising wind farm layouts, considering foundation design options, installation concerns as well as identifying opportunities for innovation and general improvement.

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We are very proud to have designed some of the most cost-effective foundation designs for many of the largest offshore wind projects in the world with our holistic in-house approach.

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Our team has worked on the installation of dozens of projects and has the right tools, knowledge, technology and understanding of partnership working to make sure fabrication, transport and installation run smoothly.

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The combination of our cutting edge digital twin technology, decades of offshore engineering experience, surveying expertise and integrated team working means we can monitor and accurately assess the structural integrity and efficiency of every turbine and foundation in your wind farm.

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